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June 2005
Round table: “The referendum regarding the European Constitution, France, 29th of May, explanations and conclusions.”

May 2005
Colloquium “From Signing the Treaty to a Successful Integration in the United Europe”

April 2005
Conference in Cluj -“The European Integration, countdown for Romania.”

March 2005
Conference «The future of Europe. What kind of Romania in what kind of Europe?»

October 2004
French - Romanian conference in partnership with the European Movement

September 2004
Ithaka Foundation and the British Council: debate on "Current EU Policy Issues: A UK Perspective", held at the Titulescu Foundation




The Ithaka Foundation is dedicated to provide assistance and support to causes benefiting youth, through education, the promotion of inspirational values and the civil engagement of young Romanians.

Romania is in the process of integrating NATO and United Europe. In this light, the Ithaka Foundation works to assist Romania's integration process with a two-folded vision: First, by providing the Romanian civil society and particularly its youth with the necessary tools to acquire leadership capacities, thus becoming an active voice in the Future of Europe dialogue; second, by highlighting the contribution Romania will make and by enhancing awareness at both ends: from Romania towards United Europe and vice versa.


Our Tools

  • Public Policy
  • Raising Awareness
  • Education
  • Social Responsability
  • Culture

We will achieve our goals by:

- integrating in the larger European Network and exploring common synergies;

- establishing a Trustees Board and a Selection Committee to select young potential leaders participating in the education programmes;

- furthering education and promoting talent; selecting yearly a group of excellent students (MA or Ph.D. level and organising exchange programmes with Political/ Governmental Studies programmes abroad (Europe & the U.S.);

- producing research, representing Romania's position vis a vis the Convention for the Future of Europe;

The Ithaka Foundation aims at becoming an active voice for youth at the Convention for the Future of Europe;
The Foundation will produce a publication "Young Romanian voices in the Convention for the Future of Europe";
In the medium-longer term, we aim to be able to provide opportunities for these youngsters to get involved in assisting the public administration to address specific issues needed for Romania to access the EU;

- generating European awareness programmes, aimed at familiarising the public-at-large to understand the rights and responsibilities of a future member of the European family;

- generating EU/NATO awareness programmes, aimed at familiarising the civil society with our future presence in these families;

- producing a country branding strategy "the unbranded state has a difficult time attracting economic and political attention". Image and reputation are thus becoming essential parts of the state’s strategic equity;

- inviting opinion leaders from Europe and the U.S. to address the civil society, academia and targeted audience on matters pertaining to lobbying at the European Union: private sector and governmental;

- fostering public-private partnerships in the social cohesion, looking mostly at post-privatisation segments, and ensuring accurate policy (in line with the EU social cohesion larger scale) to address these target groups;

- creating an industry advisory council to promote corporate responsibility;

- promoting cultural exchange programmes;

- producing up-to-date research and publications;

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