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June 2005
Round table: “The referendum regarding the European Constitution, France, 29th of May, explanations and conclusions.”

May 2005
Colloquium “From Signing the Treaty to a Successful Integration in the United Europe”

April 2005
Conference in Cluj -“The European Integration, countdown for Romania.”

March 2005
Conference «The future of Europe. What kind of Romania in what kind of Europe?»

October 2004
French - Romanian conference in partnership with the European Movement

September 2004
Ithaka Foundation and the British Council: debate on "Current EU Policy Issues: A UK Perspective", held at the Titulescu Foundation



Exchange Programme: Institut D'Etudes Politiques - Sciences Po - University of Bucharest

Monica Maurer and Ramona Calin initiated dialogue to promote Sciences-Po/ University of Bucharest exchange programme …

Monica Maurer and Ramona Calin have met with Mrs. Helene Naudet at L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, on Octber 20th to take preliminary steps for the start-up of the 2003 exchange programme with Sciences Po.

Ithaka, together with the two schools will select three Romanian students to attend a semester at Scineces Po. The first French Sciences Po student will attend classes at Bucharest University…

The Ithaka Foundation aims at securing internships in Romania for Sciences Po students ®

Ramona Calin, an alumni from the Sciences Po third grade international relations programme (1995) will coordinate a seminar to highlight cultural, historical, diplomatic, administrative and economic links between Romania and France. The seminar is expected to attract more French students to take part in the exchange programme.

Did you know?
Two out of the three first Excellency “Eiffel Price” awarded by the French state to best political studies students were granted to two Romanian Sciences Po students during last award competition?


Romania - US Partnership

The Ithaka Foundation Scholarship ®
During the first week of November, Ramona Calin, an alumni of SIPA (1995) and Monica Maurer have started talks on creating links between the Ithaka Foundation and the School of International and Public Affairs - SIPA at Columbia University in New York.

Monica Maurer - Director Education and Life Long Learning and Ramona Calin have started cooperation with the director of the Kokkalis Program on Southeastern and East-Central Europe from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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