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June 2005
Round table: “The referendum regarding the European Constitution, France, 29th of May, explanations and conclusions.”

May 2005
Colloquium “From Signing the Treaty to a Successful Integration in the United Europe”

April 2005
Conference in Cluj -“The European Integration, countdown for Romania.”

March 2005
Conference «The future of Europe. What kind of Romania in what kind of Europe?»

October 2004
French - Romanian conference in partnership with the European Movement

September 2004
Ithaka Foundation and the British Council: debate on "Current EU Policy Issues: A UK Perspective", held at the Titulescu Foundation



Financial Transperancy

The Ithaka Foundation’s Accounts :

Charges 2003-2004 Equity 2003-2004
EU Awareness Chapter 62,505 € Social capital 4,500 €
Youth Development Chapter 105,627 € Loan from the founder 6,700 €
Miscellaneous (legal and accounting) 4,000 € Donations 153,059 €
Partnership European Foundation 25,415 €
Total 172,132 €   189,674 €
    Result 17,542 €

In-kind contributions:

  • Former founding member Monica Maurer - initial web design and preparatory work to set up the Foundation
  • Romania Travel Plus - on-going consultancy for events organization
  • Master Print - promotional materials design
  • Con10t H.G.M.B. - web site update
  • Eleanor Sebastian and Charles Frank - overall assistance in Paris
Donnations and Partnership : 2003-2004
Public Primaria C.A. Rosetti 1,000 €
Private Mobifon SA/Connex 36,822 €
Rompetrol Grup 33,517 €
Rompetrol Constanta 8,223 €
Toyota Romania 16,445 €
Sicomed 2,107 €
BCR 3,000 €
Ursus 16,445 €
Accor Ticket Service 1,500 €
Carrefour Hiparlo 17,000 €
Raiffeisen Bank/RZB 3,000 €
Lafarge 6,500 €
The French Institute in Bucharest 7,500 €
Partnerships Fondation Robert Schuman 25,415 €
Total   178,474 €

The Ithaka Foundation’s audit is carried out by FISCONT www.fiscont.ro


Brief Overview of Spending and Programmes:

The United Europe Chapter has raised 57,385 €:

  • EU Awareness Programme;
  • New Words For Europe;

And has spent 62,505€:

  • Organization of the 30th of June Conference - 1,400 € (plus contribution Romania Travel Plus);
  • Organization of the EU Conference "Quelle Roumanie dans quelle Europe, L'Europe vue par les jeunes roumains" - 32,000 €, including the publication "New Words for Europe"; (500 copies: 250 Romanian, 250 French, translation into French), sponsorship for students, and project coordination - 4,000 €;
  • Travel and projects coordination (consultancy contract) 9,105 €;
  • Paris conference- 5,500 €;

The Youth Development Chapter has raised 139,367  USD for The Everest Expedition 2003 and has spent 126,594 USD to support it:

The Everest Expedition 2003 :

  • Sponsorship to Mr. David Neacsu for team coordination on the field - 96,465 USD
  • Management of the Expedition – Karmile Ventures contract – 15,000 USD under the direction of the former Vice President, Mrs. Maurer.*
  • Miscellaneous: equipment, promotion = 15,129  USD

Since its commencement in December 2002, the Ithaka Foundation:

  1. organized five European conferences
    • December 16th 2002- « United Europe - Promoting the EU enlargement process in Romania and Bulgaria » (Bucharest, Crowne Plaza);
    • June 30th 2003-"United Europe: Promoting the EU Enlargement Process in Romania and Bulgaria the Europa Page/ Conclusions of the Hellenic Presidency of the EU" (Bucharest, The Diplomatic Club);
    • 12-13th march 2004- « Which Romania in which Europe? United Europe in the eyes of young Romanians»; in partnership with the Robert Schuman foundation, (Bucharest, The Parliament Palace);
    • September 23rd 2004 - « Current EU Policies, a UK Perspective", in partnership with the British Council, (Bucharest, The Titulescu Foundation);
    • 9th November 2004 - « The Future of Europe? The European Constitution, European identities and European citizenship », (Paris, IEP de Paris), special guest: Mr Alexandru Farcas, Romania's Minister for European Integration;
  2. selected de 20 journalists having started a professional training on EU affairs;
  3. accompanied and promoted 12 Romanian students having represented Romania at the Convention for the Future of Europe (Youth Conventionals in Paris and Rome.);
  4. published the first book from the collection « New words for Europe»;

We will continue our advocacy for Romania’s integration in the EU.

We trust in continuing our partnership and thank you for having supported the Ithaka Foundation.

* In line with the Ithaka Foundation’s Internal Instruction Manual 8-10% of the funds raised are used for administrative purposes.

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