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Janvier 2006
Conférence Européenne
L'Euro - sept ans après

Novembre 2005
Les scénarios de l'Europe après le rejet du Traité constitutionnel: Quel élargissement ? Quel approfondissement ?

Juin 2005
Table ronde: “Le referendum sur la Constitution europeenne, France, 29 mai, des explications et des consequences”

Mai 2005
Colloque: "De la signature du Traite à une intégration réussie dans l’Europe Unie"

Avril 2005
Conférence à Cluj - "L’Intégration européenne, compte à rebours pour la Roumanie"

Mars 2005
Conference « L’avenir de l’Europe. Quelle Roumanie dans quelle Europe ?»



Message from the Prime – Minister of Romania H.E., Mr. ADRIAN NASTASE, for the opening of the international conference „UNITED EUROPE: PROMOTING the EU ENLARGEMENT PROCESS IN ROMANIA AND BULGARIA – the Europa Page”

Bucharest, 30 June 2003 -

I wish to congratulate the Ithaka Foundation for the initiative to organise this conference. This venue offers us another opportunity to speak about Romania’s path towards its actual path into the European Union. Moreover it gives us the chance to seek alternatives to talk about Europe to our citizens.

And because today is also the last day of the official mandate of the Hellenic Presidency of the European Council, let me first congratulate Greece for the important results and succeses during these past six months. For us, this Presidency will have a special relevance - The European Council of Thessaloniki represents - for the first time in a European official document - the support the European Union gives Romania to close negotiations in 2004. This new timely objective confirms the ultimate decision of the EU to include Romania in the European Union in 2007. Also, during this semester, we have succeded to close negotiations over three difficult chapters, two of which cover : 1) the free circulation of goods, and 4) the free circulation of capital, both chapters proving Romania’ potential as a functioning market economy. All these achievements would have not been possible without the support and the prompt response Greece has given to the messages sent by Romania.

Secondly, I would like to refer to yet another very important achievement, precisely the closing of the debate concerning the future of Europe, with its outcome - the draft of the EU Convention. This forum has laid the ground for the future intergovernmental Conference, where Romania will participate as an observer, this allowing us to continue to contribute to the restructuring of the policies and institutions of a EU 27.

Given this positive European political context, favourable to Romania’s potential to integrate the EU in 2007, we are fully aware of the responsibility we all have to apply those measures necessary for the EU enlargement.

As some of you might already know, this year we are working very hard to adjust some of the main objectives, that made for our weakest spots in the EU Commission’s White Paper 2002: the reform of the judicial system and the fight agaist corruption, the administrative reform, as well as the application of those measures needed to recognise the status of a functioning market economy.

I wish to underlign one thing: part of these measures were already undertaken and our objectives do not represent sheer declarations or projects left behind on a piece of paper. As we have already proven during the past two years, the responsibilities assumed by the Romanian Government in the dialogue with the EU institutions were fulfiled in most cases. Thus, I would only mention a few exemples: the anti-corruption legislation, the strategy to reform our administration and the current restructuring of the Romanian Government, the strengthening of the independent judiciary system, including the executive’s interference in the development of the judiciary act. As far as our economy is concerned, we give priority to the on-going privatisation, debt reduction and equally to the strengthening of the legal framework.

All these measures, tailored to ensure Romania’s path towards fulfiling its rights and responsibilities of a member of the European Union, will assist us reach our objective to integrate into United Europe in 2007 .

It is obvious that our citizens must understand the reasons why they pay such high social costs, what will be the advantages and the disadvantages of becoming a member of the European Union.

This is why I believe in the need for a stronger partnership of the government with the representatives of the civil society and its opinion leaders. We need you journalists, but also you, representatives of the civil society specialised in European Union affairs, to bring more of Europe back home, to talk more about the European Union, about the rights and the responsibilities of a European citizen, and why not? about how our life will be, once being in the European house.

I will now end this brief overview of our objectives, by wishing you succes and by ensuring you that I will be happy to find out the solutions that you will find in bringing the European house „one step closer” to Romania.

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